Wally Halicki Walter Halicki

Online Reputation Management with Social Media

JW Maxx Solutions’ founder Wally Halicki shares some recommendations and warnings to businesses seeking to improve their online reputation via the social platforms. Keep in mind that Twitter and Facebook do not usually represent public opinion and this is especially so when it originates from the comments posted by users. Thus, it’s necessary to control the conversation by informing the public through positive public relations campaigns.

Online reputation management firms like JW Maxx Solutions and Wally Halicki suggest the following as credible strategies to manage a digital reputation.

  1. Monitoring the activities on website pages – Organizations should do this to ensure that only positive reviews are featured on their Facebook or website review pages.
  2. Provide customer incentives – Incentives are a sure way to get the “what is reputation management” question answered correctly and to start experiencing positive feedback. Walter Halicki, reputation manager, recommends product or information giveaways for customers.
  3. Hiring a professional ORM expert – After understanding what reputation management is, the best thing will be to hire a professional online reputation management company to help gain and maintain good online reputation. Companies like Wally Halicki’s JW Maxx Solutions will provide ORM services that will improve digital ratings and subsequently, company revenue.