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3 Effective Tools to Manage Your Online Reputation

Reputation expert Walter Halicki shares 3 of the best ways to help avoid negativity online. When trying to manage your online reputation, it can be frustrating to try to find the best way to handle negative online reviews or press. Here are some of tools to help guide through this process, brought to you by the experts at Reputation Maxx.

  1. Vent: No matter how often you monitor your online reputation, sometimes a day arrives where negative things appear. One way to curb this is by offering customers more channels to contact you or your staff for support, and that could help detract online negativity stemming from frustration.
  2. Encourage: Finding ways to be proactive about asking frequent and loyal customer to leave reviews on your online review profiles is a great way to build positive press on your own. There isn’t any way to completely stop negative reviews from appearing, but this can help suppress them and minimize their impact. Reputation expert Walter Halicki shares that surrounding yourself with positive reviews can help downplay any negative items and build your business back up.
  3. Respond:  During this time, take a moment to stop and think before immediately writing back. Offering a sincere response along with your side of the story and a possible solution is a good way for potential customers to consider both sides of the story. The only time to avoid writing a response is when the items are simply defamatory for no good reason. Anything you say in your response won’t matter. It may simply encourage the feud to continue and could make things even worse, so do your best to ignore it.